adidas=pharrell williams

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The adidas lab never rests and is always in current flow, after the collaboration with the fabulous British singer Rita Ora, now it’s Pharrell Williams’ turn.
A partnership that started with the right foot, since adidas announced three more series of products that will be launched between October, November and December 2014.
But it doesn’t stop here, because this collaboration, besides wonderful products, also gave birth to an ad-hoc logo, designed to celebrate this union. After announcing the partnership, the sportswear legend unveiled the Adidas Trefoil, flanked by two parallel lines, equal sign, completed by a third line constituted by Pharrel Williams’ name, to symbolise the equality that inspired the celebrity to create these capsules.
Let’s check Pharrel’s proposals more in detail.
The capsule collection included two Adidas products that marked the history of the brand, we are talking about the famous Superstar trackjacket and the beautiful Stan Smith’s sneakers, both revised in blue, red and black.
The sneakers are rigorously leather, and come in three very pop finishes: red, black and light blue. Upper and outsole are a solid colour block piece. The heel features the new logo instead of the trefoil.
It’s a very bold shoe, with a strong street style, but at the same time it is quite sophisticated.

adidas=Pharrell Williams B25386_41_detail B25387_01_standard

Absolutely luxurious choice for the Superstar trackjacket, full leather with its classic cut and the iconic three stripes on the sleeve.
A real gem.

adidas=Pharrell Williams

If the collaboration continues on these lines, we surely won’t be disappointed

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