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AW LAB is the Italian reference retailer for sport-style. AW LAB offers an extended collection of sneakers of the most famous international sports brands and an assortment of exclusive editions made in collaboration with them. The proposal is completed by a collection of clothing and accessories of the leading sportswear brands.
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Surprises never end, especially when Christmas is coming and the rush of finding the perfect gift is more difficult!
So here’s AW LAB with its Black Collection.

Women’s and men’s clothing, many products that could be amazing ideas for gifts… for friends and relatives but also for yourself, because, let’s admit it, sometimes it’s also nice to satisfy your own shopping desires.
Let’s find out this amazing Black Collection starting from men’s.
Given the season, sweatshirts or hoodies with crew neck and front zip, for all tastes. The main colours are black and white
In the Quilted pack we have two solid colour hoodies with zip, refined with a front quilted texture.

Felpa BeAW Quilted Hood

Felpa BeAW Quilted Hood

Two crew neck sweatshirts: one in solid grey and one with contrast black sleeves and  “Freedom” front print
Check them out here:
Felpa BeAW Quilted O-Neck

Felpa BeAW Quilted Freedom

Last but not least grey fleece trousers that can be matched with all the pieces we have already shown:
It can be found here:

Pantalone BeAW Quilted

Let’s move to the Black Bandana pack, where we can find absolutely original pieces.
Of course the sweatshirts are essentials, so here we find the:
Manic crew neck sweatshirt with contrast sleeves

Felpa BeAW Black Bandana

Black and white sweatshirt with two-coloured hood and, finally
colour block zipper sweatshirt with bandana texture in the lower part

Felpa BeAW Black Bandana Hooded

Felpa BeAW Black Bandana Color Block

Same texture for the only T-shirt of the pack

T-shirt BeAW Black Bandana Color Block

Let’s move to the women’s offers in the Black Chic pack.
Here we truly have a wide range of products to choose from, let’s look at the most unique ones:
Black sweatshirt with a very bold cut, slim with diagonal zip which reminds of the classic motorbike leather jacket.
Here they are:
Felpa Chiodo BeAW
The eco-friendly leather leggings cannot be missed, very fashionable during this autumn and winter.

Leggings BeAW Black Chic

Another really cool piece is the black fleece overall, a must-have.
Check it out here:

Salopette BeAW

In the woman’s pack we can also find other products with graphic prints
“4Dream” long dress-sweater
“Stockholm” long dress-sweater with zipper in two different colours: black and white.

Felpa 4Dream BeAW
Felpa Stockholm BeAW

The collection finishes with two T-shirts with graphic prints, two smooth fit fleece trousers and one regular fit crew neck black sweatshirt with “Oslo” print.

T-shirt Black Collection BeAWT-shirt Black Collection BeAW
Pantalone Black Collection BeAWPantalone Black Collection BeAWFelpa Oslo BeAW

Here you will surely find the gift that suits your needs.
And now enjoy your shopping!!!

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