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Betty Boop Apparel stay Tuned
Feminine, passionate and sensual… who are we talking about?
Of course,  the senastional Betty Boop, a heroine of all times, star of the screen way back in 1932, when she appeared for the first time in the short film, Bamboo Isle.

Both irreverent and subsersive, in short she was the typical flapper girl,  the fashionable girl during the jazz era.
Her most typical features?
Naturally, the trendiest hair style of that era: short with a fringe;
a skimpy little dress, revealing the shoulders and a garter, completely aware of her own sex appeal and with a resolute sense of self-irony.

At that time, she was certainly someone “at the limits”, no doubt about it, and in fact, her film career was short-lived: in 1934,  protests from the conservative general public forced Betty to dedicate herself to housekeeping and care of the animals, replacing her traditional attire with more chaste garments.

In 1939 she made a complete break from the screen, but not from people’s hearts, becoming a real-life legend.
A real Pin Up Girl, with red lipstick, winged eyeliner and XXL eyelashes – just like her colleagues in flesh and blood! One of these was Betty Grable, an actress who kick-started a definite trend which in the last few years has become hugely prominent once again, thanks to stars like the super sexy Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque.

In other words, a character so strong that sooner or later she had to come together with AW LAB… want to know how?

Stay Tuned… there’s going to be some exciting news and fantastic surprises!!!