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Today, we want to introduce a new brand that can now be found at our on-line shop and not only there. Let’s discover Dedicated, a creative, original and definitely cosmopolitan brand. So, why?

Dedicated was born in Stockholm in 2006, as a chain of stores dedicated mainly to lovers of street style.

So far nothing strange, the founding group was made up of teenagers from different sub-cultures with a shared passion for creativity and a certain penchant for pop culture in all its facets. Over time, the group has expanded because the beauty of this brand lies in the fact that it is always looking for new talent, new designers to integrate into the creative community that was formed and that grew with time.

It suffices to say that each year there about 200 new designers were added from all over the world.

A very good idea indeed.

t-shirt-dedicated-vinyl-record t-shirt-dedicated-vinyl-retro t-shirt-dedicated-shaving

The T-shirt proposals are very different and touch on many different topics, from comics to art, passing through music and sports. One way to convey a message is to communicate through fashion sometimes, and why not, even with a slightly polemical vein.

The range has also been enlarged, in fact, there are now hats, covers for the iphone and ipad and various accessories with a certain geek side to them.

Another feature is that, with this brand, all T-shirts are created in pure certified organic cotton, with respect for the environment and more importantly with respect for people working in production.

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