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Yes… you read it right, you are not dreaming, the legendary boots are finally coming to our online store: 

Dr. Martens.
A long story, it was in 1943 that Doctor Klaus Maertens, after injuring his foot, decided to create a prototype shoe with a special rubber outsole, able to cushion shock against the soil.
A great idea that struck R. Griggs and Co., an English company that in 1959 bought the patent and created a shoe model which soon became a real cult.
From the 60’s it became part of the English underground culture via the Mod culture, thanks to Pete Townshend of the Who who proclaimed them his favourite shoes.
In the late sixties, the skinhead movement developed and adopted these shoes as a symbol, making them popular as worker’s shoes.
A real relic for them, and keeping them always well clean and polished was mandatory. Their favourite? The Doctors with 10 holes or more, often with steel toe.
In the 70’s, while the skinheads were increasingly being identified with right-winged political views, the anti-fascist youth adopted as symbol the 3 holes Dr. Martens 1461 shoes
A hot period with no lack of direct confrontation and it was exactly during these events that you could attend to an incredible paradox, two opposing factions and the English police who all wore the legendary Dr Martens although in different models: 1461 for the anti-fascists, 1460 for the policemen and 1914 or 1940 for the right-winged skins.
In the late 70’s the punk movement, despite initially wearing mostly sneakers, soon moved to the legendary boots as well. Later on, Dr. Martens became popular also between the ska, goth, grunge and brit pop cultures, ending up to be the symbol of the underground culture.
A real social phenomenon which has been strongly coming back in recent years.
The legendary Dr Martens has clear and obvious characteristics that make it immediately recognizable:
air-cushioned sole
yellow stitching
triple upper stitching
back webbing with “Air Wair” on one side and “With Bouncing Soles” on the other

You cannot miss.
Our store offers both men’s and women’s models and two colour variants: black and cherry red.
The available models?
Needless to say, the legendary Dr Martens 1460 and the 3 holes low-top one, the 1461.
Here they are:

Dr Martens 1460 Boot 8 Eye

Dr Martens 1460 Boot 8 Eye

Dr Martens 1461 Last 84
Dr Martens 1461 Last 84

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