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Havaianas Summer Mood by AW LAB
Which accessory is an essential must-have item for the perfect summer look?
It’s the flip-flop, of course, more precisely Havaianas.
A truly genuine cult item that for years now has ruled the roost; inspired by Japanese Zori sandals, the Havaianas success story began in Brazil in 1998, thanks to the Football World Cup and to a small Brazilian flag on the strap; the ingredients that immediately enabled this footwear to conquer the world.
Stylish, fun, comfortable, and, of course, extremely easy to wear thanks to the special material made from a blend of rubber which allows them to keep their shape, remain flexible, odour-free and gentle next to the skin.
A huge variety of different styles, new for every year, are arriving in shops now, in a true  riot of colour and shapes.
Let’s take a look at five of the most attractive men’s and women’s styles that you can find on AW LAB.
Here’s our special top five:

Havaianas Minions: this men’s style has a fun print featuring the faces and eyes of Minions. They feature straps with the Havaianas logo and a Greek key pattern, the rice grain pattern on the top of the sole and brick pattern on the bottom. They are water-resistant and have a non-slip outsole.
Here they are:

Havaianas Minions

Havaianas Disney Stylish: feature a Greek key pattern on the straps, the rice grain pattern on the top of the outsole and a brick pattern on the bottom. The rubber outsole features a Disney cartoon graphic print for a vintage look.
Here they are:

Havaianas Disney Stylish

Havaianas Camuflada  have a camouflage print for a resolutely cool style.
Here they are:

Havaianas Camuflada

Let’s move on to the women’s selection:
Havaianas Slim Tropical: The rubber outsole features an all-over graphic print with lotus flowers, a symbol of luck, kindness, tolerance and compassion. The straps in a metallic colour give the style a refined feel.
Here they are:

Havaianas Slim Tropical

Havaianas Slim Pets: The rubber outsole features a kitten graphic print for women who love animals. Kitten-shaped metal detailing applied on the strap.
Here they are:

Havaians Slim Pets

How about you? What are your favourite Havaianas?
Follow this link to see all the different styles available in our on-line store.
Enjoy your shopping!!

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