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An elegant, precious pack is on its way: the  Sport&Craft pack by Le Coq Sportif .
Le Coq Sportif remixes the great classics with premium materials for a unique style inspired by modern men’s wardrobe.
This collection is the perfect expression of the brand’s philosophy: sporty and always absolutely refined. This pack shouts craftsmanship,  elegance and savoir-faire.
Sport&Craft includes four classic models, re-made with premium materials and finished off with nubuck detailing, leather logo tabs and blue, white and red stitching that lend the collection that retro vibe.


Here are all the pack’s styles:
LCS R900 Chambray dress blues

Le Coq Sportif LCS R900 Chambray

Bolivar City casual dress blues

Le Coq Sportif Bolivar City Casual

Bolivar City casual dress grey
Le Coq Sportif Bolivar City Casual

LCS R900 Nubuck Chambray black

Le Coq Sportif LCS R900 Nubuk Chambray

Needless to say, each style features the original technology from the 90s. The LCS R900 is equipped with a high-performance cushioning system, while the Bolivar comes with an ultra lightweight outsole.

It’s going to be a tough choice to make, we know that!
Enjoy your shopping!!!