New Balance Barbershop pack

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Barber Shop Pack has the fragrance of 90s sneakers, as well as that great smell of vintage barber shops…

Nothing makes you feel cooler than a good haircut, especially when you really need it. New Balance has just unveiled the new “Barbershop Pack” for spring-summer 2014 in one of those traditional barber shops from back in the day, the “Fellow Barber” in New York.

Fellow Barber in New York

It is made up of 3 silhouettes that made history for New Balance in the 1990s: the New Balance 580, 999 and1600.
Three running sneakers that, like all the sports shoes of the time, were sturdily-made and equipped with a textured outsole, with clear influences from the cross training world, especially in the 580 and 999. The 1600, on the other hand, is an update of the legendary 1500, the first running shoe to cost $150 in 1989, which in the late 1980s made it the most exclusive and coveted running shoe in the world.

New Balance Barbershop collection

New Balance 580

The New Balance 580 has a red suede/mesh upper with details in blue such as the “N”, and shades of grey.

New Balance 999


The New Balance 999 is more informal and features an upper in various shades of grey with several details and a blue insert.

New Balance 1600

The New Balance 1600 has recently become a cult sneaker thanks to the numerous collaborations in which it was the star, featuring with a royal blue look with grey mesh and details in red and white.

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