Air-Max-Day 2015

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Nike Air Max Day: air unit revolution
Get ready folks! Again this year, on March 26 we will celebrate Nike Air Max Day. As usual Nike, after deciding last year to establish this celebration day, will not cut back on surprises.
Don’t forget that in 2014 Nike has issued some limited editions specifically designed for this special occasion, such as the incredible release of the Nike Air Max 1 in OG colouring and featuring a yellow fluo outsole and a beautiful label tab displaying a 3.26 lettering on the tongue.

And what will March 26 bring along this year?
Rumours speculate about a mysterious Nike Air Max Zero, designed by Tinker. This is all part of the game, of course, so here are the first theories on the choice of the number zero:
– Zero as in Zero-weight;
– Others say it represents draft designs that had been discarded back then but that are, by all means, Air Max 1’s ancestors.
We’ll just have to wait and see who’s right.
One thing is sure: Nike decided to celebrate this moment by putting together a calendar that shows the nearly thirty-year long history of these phenomenal sneakers.
A series of images showing the evolution of the air unit from its beginnings to today.

Nike Air MAX 1Nike Air MAX 2015Nike Air MAX 90Nike Air MAX  93Nike Air MAX  95Nike Air MAX 360

One might even dare to call it the legendary and now iconic air unit, a technology that has nothing less but revolutionized the history of sneakers through all its technical and style evolutions.
Now, we only have to wait for the celebration day, knowing that it is going to be a success, this year like last year.
Stay Tuned…see you on 26.03!