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We have talked about this Nike model many times. Throughout the year, it has stepped onto the podium on many occasions, a clear sign of this shoe’s success from its release until today.
By getting to know it better, we will understand the key to this universal success.
This shoe was designed by Dylan Raash, and at the initial stages its midsole was modified no less than 16 times before the final design was approved.
We have already mentioned the fact that this shoe is inspired by the philosophy of Zen Master Roshi, conceived and designed to “imitate the passageway stones” in a Zen garden. Indeed its original colorway is inspired precisely by the moss and white rocks of the famous gardens.
In short, a starting point that sounds promising, designed by the book with technical features and finishes that made it absolutely perfect.
Let us examine the shoe in detail:

Nike Roshe Run
Nike Roshe Run
Nike Roshe Run Nike Roshe Run

Mesh upper to ensure maximum breathability
Full-length phylon midsole to offer lightweight cushioning
Solarsoft sockliner for a comfortable fit.
Waffle pattern outsole for unmatched traction, made to look like Zen gardens stepping stones
The padded collar ensures superior protection around the ankle
EVA foam outsole for optimum shock absorption and durability.
The pattern of the insole mirrors raked rock gardens
Slightly different midsole side lengths symbolize the juxtaposition of seriousness and playfulness.

The secret to their success?
Very simple, this shoe epitomises simplicity. It has no embellishments, just basic shoe features brought to life with every detail for maximum functionality. A simple, lightweight style to meet anyone’s taste.
Let’s try and think: what would we never wear it with?
Not a simple task. This is a shoe that truly adapts well to many outfits, it is perfect for a casual, sporty-chic style, as well as worn under an elegant suit, for the bolder ones.

Nike Roshe Run

Nike Roshe Run
Nike Roshe Run Print
Nike Roshe Run
Nike Roshe Run Flight Weight
Nike Roshe Run Flyknit

What’s more, the price of any version of theRoshe Run is never excessive.
This is a classic example of functional simplicity, no doubts about that.
What do you think?
Stay Tuned…and see you next week!