AW LAB is the Italian reference retailer for sport-style. AW LAB offers an extended collection of sneakers of the most famous international sports brands and an assortment of exclusive editions made in collaboration with them. The proposal is completed by a collection of clothing and accessories of the leading sportswear brands.
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Nike Women Area by AW LAB
Nike Women Area…are you wondering what it is?
Here are the answers to all your questions.
AW LAB and Nike have started a very interesting project with women at the centre. An ambitious project entirely dedicated to them.
Here’s what you’ll find.
In the Rome-based store in Corso 505, we set up  an area dedicated to women where they will find all Nike for Women items.
But that’s not all! In the same dedicated area you’ll be able to create your total look, drawing inspiration also from ambassadors who, with their own styles, will help you chose the products.
A real community of women for women.
You can’t wait to meet them?
Let’s start with Giada Albani, class 1991, born in Pescara, she now lives in Rome where she studies Medicine. She has a passion for the sea and, sure enough, fashion. For these hot days she has chosen a sporty, minimalist look.
Here are her proposals.

Giada Albani for AW LAB and Nike WomenGiada Albani for AW LAB and Nike Women

Let’s move on to the eclectic  Paula Lingyi Sun: born in Shanghai, she has lived around the world between Osaka, Singapore, Paris, Lille and Bern. Over the past few years she has lived in Berlin, Rome and Turin. A lover of photography and videos, she has been working on an experimental project called CL223 which studies videoclips in all their forms.
Her proposals are absolutely street style, with a strong touch.
Check them out here:

Paula Lingyi Sun for AW LAB and Nike WomenPaula Lingyi Sun for AW LAB and Nike Women

And we haven’t even started yet. If I were you, I’d “stay tuned” to meet the other girls in the community and let their looks, entirely different from one another, yet all absolutely cool, inspire you.