AW LAB is the Italian reference retailer for sport-style. AW LAB offers an extended collection of sneakers of the most famous international sports brands and an assortment of exclusive editions made in collaboration with them. The proposal is completed by a collection of clothing and accessories of the leading sportswear brands.
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British Style, Japanese inspired

AW LAB expands its range bringing a really interesting brand on board: Superdry. Let’s have a look.
SuperDry is a very unique British brand, which unites diverse influences ranging from Japanese graphic design to American vintage style without losing the values of traditional English tailoring.
The result? Well, a unique urban style, with attention to detail and quite over the top without losing the quality of the product.

Superdry came to life after a journey to Japan by one of the founding members: James Holder. Japanese ideograms and writing now appear on T-shirts, jackets, pants that however, maintain features and cuts reminiscent of bygone eras.

College style sweatshirts, T-shirts with a retro flavour, leather jackets and jeans torn ad hoc for a worn look; here’s an example of what you can find in the Superdry collection at AW LAB.

Superdry clothing man Superdry clothing man

Superdry clothing woman

In short, this is really fabulous news for AW LAB that cannot allow brands like this to slip through our fingers.

This brand, besides winning over the hearts of children around the world, has also managed to win over numerous celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham and Zac Efron. Not bad, really!


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