Invisible Ramps

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One of the most famous companies in Spain, Nomad Skateboards has decided to create a marketing campaign to increase awareness towards skateboarding.
Together with the Lola Madrid communication agency, they launched a street-marketing campaign:Take back your city”, where among the various promotion activities a very exciting project has been developed, called “The Invisible Ramps.”

Let’s find out together.

Skateboarding is not a crime of course, you can skateboard peacefully in the city while respecting the environment and people. More often, however, the authorities or even simply passers-by find fault when they wander into areas where skaters gather. For this reason Nomad Skateboards decided to bring to the streets of Spain some very special ramps that may just go unnoticed. How?

nomad the invisible ramp

Due to the powerful graphics/printing, completely invisible ramps were placed around cities blending perfectly with their surroundings.
Really nice work, well done and with a great impact, no doubt about it.

nomad the invisible ramp nomad the invisible ramp

It’s a nice way to advertise new products but also to show passers-by a new and different culture in full respect of the urban environment and the people who live it.

nomad the invisible ramp

Have a look yourself, at the video presentation of the project.

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