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Unboxing videos are not the latest discovery but they have indeed gone viral over the last year.
As for any viral phenomena, one could speculate on the reasons behind their success although there is no certain answer. The only established fact is that these short films are all the rage, transporting users in a wonderful world made of people who take items out of their boxes and describe them in great detail.
These videos have become of real help to consumers, providing information on products before they purchase them.
The best unboxing clips are the ones that look entirely improvised, spontaneous and which inspire a genuine emotive reaction upon seeing the longed-for object.
Suspense, surprise, true emotions which create the usual halo of magic that comes around when unwrapping presents.
A real unboxing mania indeed, with packaging becoming the focus of attention as, more and more often, it is the first form of entertainment, before the item inside itself; a slow and ascending ritual immortalized in a video clip.

Have you ever stumbled upon one of these magic videos?
Stay tuned… we’re not done with unboxing just yet!!