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Why throw out a skateboard just because it is old and broken?
Most likely this is the question asked by Haroshi, the Japanese wood artist, a great fan of skateboarding.
He combined his two great passions, and began to create 3D sculptures recovering the decks from broken, old and unused skateboards.

The result? Veritable works of art.
He himself carefully selects all the decks, choosing and then transforming them.

The end result is truly amazing, with clear pop inspiration subjects created with different coloured woods, flashy creating a pleasant and great impact.
Each sculpture is detailed and each of them has a metal “Soul”, a fragment from the skateboard used to give life to the work itself.

To our immense pleasure, we found in his various works a fabulous sneaker, a Nike Dunk, made to perfection in every detail.
A true work of art, that all lovers of skateboarding and sneakers would like to have at home, no doubt.
Here are just some of his creations … not bad right?

Haroshi art Haroshi art Haroshi art Haroshi art

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