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99.99% plated in 24-carat gold

Only in New York, wandering the streets of Manhattan, could you run into a truly special skateboard, a mobile piece of jewellery made by Skut, one of the major companies in the industry that saw fit to produce the most expensive board in the world. Let’s find out together why.

skateboard gold

This board, designed by Matthew Willet, has been made fully functional. The only difficulty, if we want to be precise, is a weight of about 80% greater than a traditional board, and this can make control more difficult.
It is plated in 24-carat gold, using an electroplating process which guarantees 99.99% purity of gold. What’ s more, the work was completed with a hand polished mirror finish to give an even more brilliant and refined touch.
And now the sore point, the cost is approximately 15,000 dollars.

Unbelievable but true; it seems that some wealthy and dedicated fans have contacted the company to buy this precious jewel.
It seems that among these, there is even the famous rapper Jay-Z who certainly does not have any economic problems, the American magazine Forbes has given him 2nd place among the world’s richest singers, with assets of approximately 504 million dollars. The same magazine also elected the married couple Jay Z-Beyoncé, the artistic world’s richest couple in 2012, with total assets of close to one billion dollars.

They can afford this board… no doubt about that!


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