The Vans Sidestripe

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Vans begins 2014 by celebrating its now famous ‘Sidestripe’.

Created almost 40 years ago by Paul Van Doren, founder of the brand, this side stripe was basically a doodle, but, over time, its has evolved into the iconic symbol that distinguishes the brand’s heritage. Originally named the “Jazz Stripe”, the Sidestripe has been a feature of some of the most celebrated models of Vans footwear.


The first model equipped with side stripe was the Old Skool, which made its debut in 1977 under the name “Style 36”. It was the first skate shoe to feature the Sidestripe. The improved durability of the Old Skool made it the perfect choice for the adventurous and active. The innovative low-top line immediately became a favourite among skaters in the Dogtown era and the first BMX riders.

Julien Stranger

Vans x No Doubt


Collaborative projects took the Sidestripe into the world of music and fashion: in the 1990s, Vans made a series of models that were worn by bands, in 1996 the company started a collaboration with Supreme, and in the 2000s, created the Vans x Marc Jacobs capsules. In each of these projects, the Old Skool has played a pivotal role. Through the aesthetics of Style 36, the brand has managed to find a point of contact between street fashion and high fashion.





Vans x Bad Religion

However it was because of the famous musicians who chose to wear its shoes that Vans was able to enter the world of music. When early young US punk rock icons started performing in small venues wearing a pair of Old Skools, kids stage diving throughout the country followed them.

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