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The coolest rendez-vous of the year is starting today; we’re talking about the now legendary Vans Spring Classic which has chosen Riccione as the location for its 2015 edition. 
After the first 5 years in Varazze and the 2014 edition in Naples, this year the international mini-ramp contest will take place on the Adriatic coast from 29 to 31 May! 
Music, skateboarding and loads of entertainment under the sunshine.
This year you’ll find a slight change in the musical genre; instead of the usual rock-punk line-up, you’ll find a decidedly  hip hop, mood, with Noyz Narcos and Fritz da Cat,  appearing on stage fresh from the release of their album Localz Only, featuring Ensi.
Among the performers there will be also Violent Voices, an ensemble made up of  Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Slain from La Coka Rostra and the punk rocker Danny Diablo.
The line-up will also feature Dope D.o.D, a Dutch crew, acclaimed by the public with their video “What Happened” and then E-Green, a Colombian rapper who lives in Italy, famous for playing with fire live on stage.
Not bad, right?


But let’s not forget the skateboarding, which is the reason for Vans inviting along representation from its team, including Daan Van Der Linden, Rob Smith, Trevor Johnson, the17 year old Aurelien Giraud and the Italian skateboarding legend Giorgio Zattoni.

Sea, beach, skateboarding and music, a perfect mix that beckons skaters and fans from across the world for a weekend dedicated to entertainment every year.

Nowadays, the Vans Spring Classic represents the ideal first event on the  international skateboarding calendar.
Ready to go?
We can only wish you a great weekend!



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