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Victoria is a very old and very famous brand, as well as an icon in its country of origin, that is, Spain. Its history is one of good fortune.
In the 70s the brand expanded rapidly thanks to the invention of the process of vulcanisation and from then on the sneakers crossed the Spanish border, jumping onto different markets such as Italy and the UK.


The advantages of this shoe are numerous; first the materials and methods used, the shoes are manufactured without the use of toxic products and do not contain any kind of substances harmful to health.
All factories are certified by a third party that provides a code of conduct and social responsibility ensuring that the shoes are made in an environment where the rights of workers are fully respected. All materials are recyclable, the soles are made from natural rubber manufactured from latex extracted from trees.

The other advantage is the design of the shoe, simple and fresh, unisex suitable for a casual style. This sneaker can complete any look, and is almost universal.

Today we will look at a specific model for this decidedly fashionable Spring and Summer 2014, the Victoria Blucher.

This shoe is definitely fashionable, a real “must have” item for the summer season, the upper is made of 100% natural cotton and it has a platform outsole.

Victoria victoria-camou

In addition to single colour models which are always a “must have” for the summer, Victoria has proposed some different designs, including a fresh and fun floral print, and two timeless variants, that is, the camouflage and animal prints.

Platform Power! 

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