In the 20s, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler opened a small hand-made footwear workshop in their home country, Bavaria. After the end of World War II, disputes led to an inevitable separation, and Rudolf decided to create his own company called Puma. History tells us, of course, that it was a huge success, and Puma grew increasingly to become a brand that is recognised worldwide. Synonymous with a sporty and casual look, over the years it has created some iconic products, each essential, and particularly the sneakers above all else. Each model is unique and characterised by its own particular design and it is not by chance that Puma has been chosen as a partner by many high fashion designers to create their collections. For example, these include: Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, Mihara Yasuhiro and finally even the designer Philippe Starck. Puma is synonymous with sports but at the same time fashion and trend, in line with the times and producing cutting-edge products.
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