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Obey Clothing was born from the inventiveness, the art and the ideals of its creator, Shepard Fairey.

The Brand is famous for its unique men’s short-sleeved t-shirts as well as for the vast collection of accessories. On AW LAB you can also find a selection of Obey caps made with innovative and refined materials.

Born by pure chance when Shepard was an art student, over time Obey Clothing has transformed into one of the greatest phenomena of street art and the most innovative brand of clothing in the entire panorama of world streetwear.

Dress with style and purchase Obey Clothing on AW LAB!

Today, the brand is a classic of men’s clothing and is widely recognized thanks to the graphic style inspired by the worlds of skate, hip-hop and punk.

Obey Creeper Circle T-shirt

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Obey Creeper Circle T-shirt

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