Nike Free

Nike Free trainers are designed for anyone who sees running as a way of life and is looking for a shoe which offers exceptional and unbeatable performance.

Nike trainers are subject to a 360° design and production process, making them suitable for every occasion. They always combine high quality materials with excellent design and style. This means that Nike Free trainers can just as easily be worn for everyday use too.
The cutting-edge technology which is fundamental to the Nike Free trainer is able to strengthen the muscles in the feet, thus reducing compression upon impact with the ground. 
The special thick and checked sole also reduces the impact on the spine enabling the wearer to run in an entirely natural and safe way.

There is a wide range of Nike Free trainers available, and you can choose your perfect pair on AW LAB: Nike Free 5.0, Nike Free 5.0 flash and the fantastic Nike Free 4.0 flyknit are just some of the best sellers.

Choose your favourites and give your outfit a sporty touch!

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