Nike Roshe Run

Inspired by the practice of meditation, Nike Roshe Run trainers are the embodiment of simplicity.
Some elements of the shoe reflect the atmosphere of a peaceful Zen garden: the Waffle sole is reminiscent of the stones, the inner sole recalls the gardens and its rocks, while the outer parts of the midsole – which are slightly different – symbolise the juxtaposition of playfulness and solemnity.

Thanks to the upper shoe made entirely of mesh, its clean lines and the increased comfort for the feet, they are ideal for both sport and everyday activities.

Nike Roshe Run trainers guarantee a complete and natural freedom of movement and maximum breathability, combined with a truly innovative look, which means that they are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Discover a new way of walking: the midsole ensures gentle shock-absorption, the padded upper edge provides protection to the area around the ankle, while the Waffle structure of the sole offers extraordinary grip.

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