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Summer is around the corner and things are starting to heat up. Do you want clothes which are cool, perfect for summer and also make your femininity stand out? Look no further than some women’s shorts!
AW LAB is offering two splendid collections: BeAW and Down Up women’s shorts.

BeAW is an AW LAB clothing brand created for women who want to dress fashionably, with an original look which does not go unnoticed. BeAW women’s shorts are suitable for any occasion and are available in single or multi-colours, denim or floral design.

Down Up women’s shorts are exclusively designed for women who want an out-and-out streetstyle look. Down Up is a young brand, always up-to-date with the trends of the moment and exclusively available from AW LAB.

Have an unforgettable and unquestionably fashionable summer: buy women’s shorts on AW LAB!

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