Mondiale Basket 2014 Fiba

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2014 Basketball World Cup in Spain: stay tuned!

The seventeenth edition of the 2014 Men’s Basketball World Cup is scheduled to take place on 30th August 2014, ending with the final on 14th September.
24 teams will be taking part, split during the elimination phase into 4 groups of 6 teams each. The first four teams to classify in each group will go through to the direct elimination phase.
Here are the groups:
2014 Fiba Basket Worldcup Draw
A: Spain, Serbia, France, Brazil, Egypt, Iran
B: Philippines, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Greece, Croatia
C: Dominican Republic, Turkey, USA, Finland, New Zealand, Ukraine
D: Slovenia, Lithuania, Angola, South Korea, Mexico, Australia.
As you can see, each round has some surprises in store, with incredibly unqualified teams, to be precise there are four of the top twenty teams world-wide: Russia (ranked 6th in the World), China (ranked 12th in the World and 1st in Asia), Germany (14th) and Nigeria (18th).
Italy was excluded for the second time running, the last participation of the national team dates back to 2006 when it came in 9th place.
Obviously, the favourites could be no other than the defending champions: the fabulous American Dream Team who defeated Turkey in 2010 on Turkish soil.
DreamTeam Winners Fiba 2010
This World Cup will in turn be held in various locations; indeed, six different cities will be hosting the competition games: Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Las Palmas, Madrid and Seville.
Madrid will not only host the games between the classified teams from groups A and B, but also the final.
It is no incident that here in the super-crowded yet utterly enchanting city of Puerta del Sol a clock counting down the days until this major sporting event starts has been inaugurated.
Puerta del Sol Fiba Clock
All we have left to do is to hope you enjoy the show!!

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