adidas Originals Heel

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The adidas Originals have always had a decidedly retro look; when one fishes in the archives and references of the brand from between the 1950s and 1980s.
Today we’re going to explore the range of men’s adidas Originals Heel, a true celebration of the brand.
The main feature of this line is the all-over print, of merged images like a mosaic depicting the back of the series of sneakers that make up ​​the brand history.

Let’s see these fabulous suggestions in more detail:

adidas Originals sweatshirt: a timeless classic made from 100% polyester tricot fabric with side pockets, zip and bomber-style collar. The all-over print is done on a black background and of course finished with the characteristic 3 white stripes along the entire length of the sleeve. Check it out here.

adidas Originals Camisole: with the all-over print, like the original sweatshirt, this has a “3” printed on the back. The shape of the camisole is in fact that of the classic basketball shirt. It is made of 92% polyester and 8% elastane mesh fabric. Check it out here.

adidas originals Hell

The men’s adidas Originals Windbreaker jacket: the legendary Windbreaker jacket comes with a mosaic of images on the hood and a large part of the chest. This is printed on a black 100% polyester fabric that gives the jacket a glossy look. Check it out here.

adidas Originals T-shirt: The t-shirt is different from all the other offers in that it is white and the print mosaic appears only in the front. Classic-cut, regular fit. Check it out here.

t-shirt adidas Originals heel

Finally, we close with the adidas Originals Airliner shoulder strap bag: the perfect accessory, a convenient and practical shoulder bag for both its form and size. Check it out here.

adidas Originals airliner heel

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