Nike Free 5.0

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Would you like to wear a pair of Nike Free 5.0 without necessarily having to think about running? Here you are!
Let’s go step by step, Maria Host is a well-known it-girls of, very fine and delicate with a style that could be defined both preppy and retro. Whoever follows her must admit that there are items in her wardrobe that are evergreen and definitely inevitable. For example, one could certainly mention the pleated dresses, bon ton coats and accessories of a rather vintage flavour yet there are details taken from street-wear which often contrasts perfectly with her style. The favourite colours of course are based on soft shades and pastel colours.

Recently, Maria has been immortalised in some shots where you can see her with different outfits having a common denominator: namely a fabulous pair of purple Nike Free 5.0.

Let’s see all the combinations proposed.

Nike Free 5.0 combined with a pretty, delicate and fresh red dress with a floral design. Half-sleeve above the knee length with a soft line, for a young look and suitable for a casual moment of the day such as a brunch. Wanted!

Nike free 5.0


The second outfit has a decidedly more underground flavour, the Nike Free in fact completes a look created with a boyfriend jeans and a red sweatshirt with zip. Trendy!

Nike Free 5.0

The final proposal is decidedly classical, so the sneakers are matched with a pair of jeans-like leggings, a tank top and a sweatshirt with zip in shades of grey.

Nike Free 5.0

An easy and always good match. Sporty Classic! Have you seen how many different ways you can wear these fabulous Nike Free 5.0?


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