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This week we want to talk about a veritable best-seller , a sneaker with a long history behind it and a following that would embarrass any other sneaker sold today, that is the legendary and unique Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.
These sneakers were produced for the first time in 1917 , simple, made from canvas with a rubber sole. They were only expected to enter the market of basketball shoes. This shoe owes its success to Chuck Taylor, an American basketball player who adopted them as his favourite footwear and really did everything possible to promote and spread the popularity of this shoe. Converse immediately paid homage to all his tremendous work and in 1932 the shoe was given its current name and was signed Chuck Taylor.

Chuck Taylor

In the 30s Taylor designed the All Star high-top model for the 1936 Olympics, with a fully white upper with red and blue trim. They soon became very popular and earned their place in the world of basketball.
Taylor received numerous awards: in 1958 he entered the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame, in 1968 the Basketball Hall of Fame and was the first spokesperson for the Converse to earn the nickname “ambassador of basketball.”
After this global spread, these sneakers became part of the lives of young people thanks to other factors: comfort, a unique design and an affordable price. Who could ask for more?
An important contribution to the shoe’s fame also came from the music world. Many groups began to wear them, such as Angus Young from AC/DC, The Ramones, Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Kurt Cobain to name but a few.

Ramones Kurt Cobain

To date, the variants of this legendary shoe cannot be counted, so many models, textures, colours and even customizations make this shoe truly the most worn shoe always in fashion, a veritable evergreen.

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Converse all Star

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