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Converse Chuck Taylor II coming soon
The big moment is getting closer and closer. It’s almost here, but nobody yet knows anything. The air of mystery surrounding this release is getting thicker and thicker…on July 28 the long-awaited-for Chuck Taylor II will finally be unveiled.
One of the most iconic shoes of all times gets a remake, but we still stand almost completely in the dark with only a few elements disclosed:
a black silhouette,
a Roman numeral,
the colour yellow,
and a date.
Sure enough there’s burning curiosity around the event. Social networks are going crazy looking for information, but the new Converse is fully-armoured.
The web seethes with a multitude of wonderful posts and futurist animations, designed by the major international “social creators” who have re-interpreted the Roman numeral II associated with the fateful date and mysterious black silhouette, all finished off with a specific shade of yellow, with everything that stands for for sneakers addicts.
In short, all we can do is wait for what, sure enough, is going to be  a fundamental step for Converse  in the evolution of its most iconic product.

Stay tuned…the show is guaranteed!!



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