Converse Authentic NY 28

AW LAB is the Italian reference retailer for sport-style. AW LAB offers an extended collection of sneakers of the most famous international sports brands and an assortment of exclusive editions made in collaboration with them. The proposal is completed by a collection of clothing and accessories of the leading sportswear brands.
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Converse the first thing that comes to mind are of course the sneakers but the brand also boasts a clothing line that is truly spot on.
The Converse style is very casual, sporty and fresh for a street look, definitely out of the ordinary. Those who choose to wear Converse desire some comfort and versatility as well as freedom of expression to create a distinctive look.

Converse Authentic NY 28 Converse Authentic NY 28

The proposals for women leave much room for creation and personal style, with some very original T-shirts, vintage-inspired sweatshirts and original pants, with a nice fit, to say the least.
Among the latest arrivals at AW LAB are two products that perfectly reflect the Converse style; let’s look in detail at the Authentic New York 28 pack.

We have a women’s T-shirt with a wide neck and soft fit​​.The basic colour is electric blue, embellished with a polka-dots in shades of pink and the remarkable “New York 28” front print.

Converse Authentic NY 28 Converse Authentic NY 28

For more chilly weather, the sweatshirt has the exact same design but comes with long sleeves and a hood.
Here the fit is different; it is actually a slim-fit jersey in a stretch fleece fabric with 95% cotton and 5% elastane.