Dangerous Popsicles 3D Print

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Who never tried a popsicle? We bet that virtually everyone had the occasion of eating one at least once.
Sure enough, though, you never had the occasion of living an incredible experience as the one we are about to introduce, where both, your palate and your eyes will be rewarded.
Dangerous Popsicles 3D Print
As they say… looks also count , so the guys at “Bold or Italic” launched their artistic project, availing of one of the latest technologies, 3D printing.

“Bold or Italic” is an atelier founded by designer and artist Li Wei.

Here are realised creative works, such as art installations, set designs, short films, photographic projects and much more.
The various projects include Dangerous Popsicles, a series of popsicles with weird and extravagant shapes where we can find cactuses, plants and lethal viruses.
These fun shapes are first modelled and printed with a 3D printer, then the moulds are used to create other moulds, but this time they are made of silicon, a material suitable for containing popsicle liquid which will be hardened in the freezer.
A very nice and cool idea that changes the look of popsicles, one of the simplest foods on the planet.
Here they are:

Dangerous Popsicles 3D Print (1) Dangerous Popsicles 3D Print (2) Dangerous Popsicles 3D Print (3) Dangerous Popsicles 3D Print (4)

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