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Fabulous news, Deha joins the range of brands you will find at AW LAB.
Let’s take a closer look at it.
DEHA was first conceived as a clothing brand specifically designed for dancers. Overtime, it has grown to have many lines, mainly designed for women who love a casual, comfortable and yet super feminine style.
Deha items are not short of that refined touch typical of the dancing world combined with femininity, comfort and premium quality materials.

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Deha collections always incorporate the core spirit of the brand: the dancing scene. This solid background is infused in the different lines to epitomize every facet of the spirit of women.
Here, then, we have: Dance, Easy, Harmonic, Active and Expression. Each collection has a special focus, for example we have Harmonic, dedicated to the world of yoga, while Expression and easy offer versatile items that can be worn at different times during the day. Sweatshirts, trousers, shoulder-pieces, accessories and everything you need to create a casual yet highly bon ton style.
Active is exclusively dedicated to sportswear while Dance, of course, keeps its roots in the dancing world.
Briefly, a new entry which can hold its head high and will successfully please many women, for sure.
Stay Tuned…coming soon on our online store!!