diadora MI Basket

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diadora Mi Basket, is a shoe that comes from the past, with a clear vintage style but actual and loved like never before. Let’s have a look together.
In the 80s diadora began to diversify the range of sports they sponsored, and added disciplines such as boxing, motorcycling, cycling, volleyball, and, of course, basketball.
In 1984 the link with the basketball world was so strong that they developed a model of diadora shoes especially for Olimpia Basket Milano. We are talking about the legendary Mi Basket, one of the most representative models of the brand.

Over the years, there have been several revisions and versions. It is undeniable that the truly iconic shoe is in the company museum, where there is a pair which belonged to the Italian basketball player Dino Meneghin A piece of history… and a true legend altogether.
This sneaker is really an important product for diadora, and is one of the models that has reached the forefront of lifestyles. This high top from the Heritage line is made in soft leather with a vintage effect is definitely popular… convinced? Here.

World-famous stars like Katy Perry and Enrique Iglesias wear it, hip hop artists from Italy such as Emis Killa and Moreno can not do without this shoe… still have doubts about the “Mi Basket Mania”?

enrique iglesias KP - DarkHorse - Diadora - Screencap Mibasket

Let’s examine it in a little more in detail:
It is a high-top sneaker with a convex shape, typical of basketball shoes, with a shock-absorbing foam EVA midsole and compact rubber sole. It is attractive and equipped with every comfort.
At the AW LAB store there are two colours, one for men and one for women:

Diadora Mi Basket II for men in white with blue details

diadora-mi-basket-ii-30 (1) diadora-mi-basket-ii-11 (1) diadora-mi-basket-ii-12 (1)

Diadora Mi Basket II for women in white with red details

diadora-mi-basket-ii-30 diadora-mi-basket-ii-11 diadora-mi-basket-ii-12

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