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The date is set for 9th August 2014, the venue is Waterloo Station in London, and the event is the opening of the only covered public skate park in the entire city: House of Vans.
It is an underground location housed under the famous London Waterloo station, in the Old Vic Tunnels. The area spans over 3,000 square metres, and it has been outfitted to host artistic spaces, exhibitions, music events and obviously skateboarding facilities, with street areas, mini ramps and a concrete bowl.

The opening event is dedicated to the DIY craft culture; indeed the exhibition is called “Scissor & Glue” and will organise a series of meetings on the history of fanzines.
The English term fanzine originates from the combination of the words fan (fanatic, aficionado) and magazine. In this case, it means a kind of non-professional and non-official publication produced by the fans of any cultural or hobby-related phenomenon.
Scissor & Glue also offers the launch of the Vans ‘Zine, which for this occasion shall be curated by Jeremy Leslie who is considered to be the guru par excellence of self-publishing and fanzines.
Alongside the gallery setting, various Vans Art Labs have also been set up, curated by historical partners of the Vans family, namely: Lovenskate, with their stylish air graphic designs; Wah Nail with their artistic nail art; AONO Barbershop with their glamorous hairstyles.
The evening of August 9th will also be animated by an eclectic music selection performed by the latest hot London DJs.
House of Vans London can also boast some major partner charities which they wish to support through permanent events and initiatives:
Railway Children, a charitable organisation that takes care of orphaned children living on the streets. A problem which is often denied and ignored by the public opinion.
Action for Children, an association attempting to break the cycle of poverty which many children across the UK suffer from, offering them means to help them turn their lives around.
Old Vic New Voice, an organisation fighting to support drama opportunities in schools, creating a fund for emerging talents to assist the artistic growth of future theatre actors.

Here are some previews of the House Of Vans:

House Of Vans Img 3

House Of Vans Img 2

House Of Vans Img 4

House Of Vans Img 5

House Of Vans Img 6

Absolutely nothing is missing! See you in London on 9th August!

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