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From 2nd October until tonight, Gaiole in Chianti is hosting the 2013 edition ofL’Eroica, a cycling event that was first held in 1997. More than a sporting event, L’Eroica is a Foundation whose chief purpose is to safeguard the national heritage of the white gravel roads of Tuscany

Cycling is a deeply rooted sport in Italy, and acts relating to amateur and professional cycling fill the pages of history and literature: love of this sport keeps its popular spirit alive, alongside good taste and the beauty of all the efforts that are put into it. These are romantically current conceptions which, as can be seen, led 15 years ago to the idea for this cycling event.

In the first year there were 82 participants, now there are 5000. There are also several thousand people involved in varying degrees in the organisation and implementation of the project, and this year, to emphasise its commitment to the development of environmental education for sustainability, space has been given to an area dedicated to the companies that engage in this particular sector.

No matter whether you choose the longer and more arduous course or the 35 km course, the important thing is to live and ride it in style. Everyone is a hero in his own way: it is important to demonstrate – first of all to yourself – that you can subject yourself to a healthy and punishing passion with a smile.

The circuit is around 200 kilometres long, which you can ride not just in the bicycle race during this period but also normally during the year. The race is open to everyone: it is not necessary to be affiliated with any sporting associations, or to be a professional. If you prefer to go by foot, you can run on the L’Eroica course this year as marathoners – competitive or non-competitive – on the track and on the dirt.

For those heading over there, those reading this between stages and the other, or those who are on their way home with tired calf muscles: you have all our sympathy.

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