Nike Air Force 1 Lunar

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1983 a legend was born. The Air Force 1

From professional basketball courts to street “playground courts”, from movies to music videos, songs, rap lyrics and poems, artworks and designer toys and figures, the Air Force 1 is one of the most recognised sports shoes ever, and above that now a modern design icon. Nike has added the lunar sole to give it a 2k street update for today’s era of sneakerheads.

Originally co-designed by Bruce Kilgore the Air Force 1 hit the basketball courts and playgrounds (street basketball courts). It is the brother of the Nike Legend in design language, one of the most loved basketball/street shoes. But the AF1 was more, with a well panelled upper that made sure the upper wouldn’t come away from the sole after time, as was the case with the previous model. The AF1 is topped off on a chunky outer sole that concealed the change of the face of sports shoes – the first court shoe with air, which eventually changed everything. A new era of basketball shoes was born.

Nike Lunar Force 1

 The Air Force 1 has grown into one of the world’s most iconic shoes. Its journey has helped carve the way we look at sneakers and sneaker culture today. Originally its clean white upper would be painted and stand out from the crowd. Later people started to paint the clean upper on their AF1s to match the colour of their kit or for personal style on the street giving them individuality over others.

Over the past decades the shoe has taken many different looks and is now a sneaker that almost everyone has had a pair of, from the kids in the ghettos to super models and celebrities. Rappers have rapped about them and made limited releases in them, artists have done versions of them and painted them in their work. Over the years we have witnessed the AF1 take on different forms in lots of fabrics and colours and it has taken on a deluxe look with vintage animal skins and bohemian looking canvas and transparent models. It has invoked dreams we had of the shoe we desired when we were kids. This is now more than a shoe, it’s a design masterpiece.

Nike Lunar Force 1

 The Lunar has been received well in the market by the trend setters as well as the true basketball crowd and then into the rest of the sports models, and has appeared on models over the past few years giving fresh life to classic models and a new generation of sneakers lovers, models of their generation that they can see evolve. The first version was a big talking point on the sneaker scene. Sometimes older people get blinkered by change to the classics, being too deistic and so far away from the original model of the 80s, but this was a clear strong move and it was directed at today’s generation.

Nike Lunar Force 1

 Nike now have redefined the Lunar midsole on the Lunar Force 1. It is much less aggressive with a smoother look. The upper is the most classic and simplest cut and stitched white leather panelled “Air” Force 1 upper, making this an object that is as much a model of the 80s as a sneaker of today. This is not necessarily for the shoe purest, but it certainly is a shoe for the sneaker fan and the new generation of sneaker collect

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