Polar Fall 2014 Skate Decks

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Polar Skate never lets down and all enthusiasts can confirm it, their products are always original, creative and high-quality.
So, even this year we have lots of news, like these two pre-series with new and fantastic artworks by Jacob Ovgren, a brand veteran.
His collaboration has become steady and his works are always highly appreciated.
Funny and irreverent, he won the affection of Polar Skate’s audience.
The new production also includes two decks by MrPontusAlv.
What shall we say, Polar always features great artists, great skateboard figures, for the joy of all the world’s skateboard fans.
Here are the new productions:

Polar-Fall-2014-Skate-Decks-00 Polar-Fall-2014-Skate-Decks-01
Not bad right?

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