Usain Bolt Puma Trinomic XT 1 Plus

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The 90’s throwback continues this year with the highly technically specced Trinomic Fall/Winter release.
Puma Trinomic  XT1 Plus
This runner was layered with technology from top to toe and sole.
Featuring clear rubber cells that collapsed and rebounded for cushioning, stability and motion control.

The outsole was geared for shock and energy absorption with extra forefoot cushioning, whilst the integrated lacing system and forefoot saddle ensured the foot was fully stabilised.

 Puma Trinomic XT 1 Plus Puma Trinomic XT 1 Plus Puma Trinomic XT 1 Plus

The layers and panels provide an excellent palette for a diverse colour range, with well accented colour pops. Easy to wear this winter whilst still standing out from the crowd.

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