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Drum roll! Today the long-awaited Reebok Zpump Fusion will arrive in all our stores.
Let’s go find out together some extra details on these phenomenal shoes.
The starting point is the revolutionary Pump technology that has won the brand its spot in the world of sportswear.
This shoe, simple only in appearance (and you are about to see why), was designed to provide unmatched comfort.
The Zpump Fusion were created by assembling together three simple elements: a really tiny number when you think that regular sneakers usually count an average of forty components.
We have the Zrated outsole inspired by the cars tyres, the seamless Fusion Sleeve  and, last but not least, the legendary Pump technology which, by inflating and deflating, perfectly wraps around your feet.
In a word, a real masterpiece, considering the great design.

Reebok ZPump FusionReebok ZPump Fusion

Reebok ZPump FusionReebok ZPump Fusion

Of course, it is perfect for working out but, as it is more and more often the case now, it can also be worn to create truly exceptional outfits with a sporty-chic taste.
Trying is believing… check out here all the styles available in our online store.

Reebok ZPump Fusion
Reebok W. ZPump Fusion

Enjoy your shopping!!!

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