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A new amazing brand directly from our California e-shop, STANCE, socks become works of art. So today we introduce you to this unique and original sock brand.
Let’s get to know it.
With Stance socks, the fabric becomes the artist’s canvas, turning simple socks into proper works of art.
Stance was founded in 2010 in California and since then their socks have become a street style icon.

Stance Socks - AW LAB

Besides their artistic factor, they also feature excellent manufacturing quality, thanks to cutting-edge materials and excellent craftsmanship that ensure great comfort and performance.
Stance stands for design, comfort and performance, that is for sure.
During the last few years this brand revolutionised the conventional quality-socks market, bringing creativity and edge, a strong taste that at the same time focuses on the latest fashion trends.
It’s not a coincidence that this brand boasts important collaborations, with different artists such as Punks and Poest, Jim Phillips, Kid Creature and Jason Jessee.

Stance Socks - AW LAB Stance Socks - AW LAB Stance Socks - AW LABStance Socks - AW LAB
Many surfers, skaters, bikers, snowboarders and graffiti artists are supporting Stance’s philosophy, wearing the brand’s art and rebel originality, amongst them: Jason Jessee, Tyler Warren, Eric Jackson, Nyjah Huston and Santi Gold just to mention a few.

Tyler Warren for Stance socks - AW LAB Eric Jackson for Stance Socks _ AW LAB Nyjah Huston for Stance Socks _ AW LAB Santi Gold for Stance Socks _ AW LAB
If you’re a skater, a surfer or a snowboarder you simply must own a pair of beautiful Stance’s.
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Stance…welcome on board!!

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