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Over the last few years, a very strong trend has taken hold of all sectors, namely to retrieve bits of the past and restyle them for the present, attempting to make them as trendy and appealing as possible yet without losing their classic vintage flavour.

adidas-originals-star-wars-stan-smith-yodaadidas-originals-star-wars-stan-smith-yoda So if we talk for instance about fashion, we can see that Adidas has re-launched its iconic Stan Smiths, Vans is celebrating its legendary and timeless Slip-ons and Converse never produces a collection without its tireless All Stars.

vans slip on star wars
It is also quite often the case that there is some extent of cross-contamination between the various sectors, which is exactly what is happening now with the historic and fabulous Star Wars saga;

Converse_All_Star_Lego_Star_Wars a large number of brands have decided to pay a tribute to the films by producing various limited editions or capsule collections using their top products.
This is somewhat extraordinary, because Star Wars played a fundamental role in the past in modifying the conception which film-making had had of merchandising up until that time.
The mystery is revealed… when Episode IV: “A new hope” came out,  director George Lucas decided to waive a rise in salary, in exchange asking the film producers for the rights to the licences for the merchandising and profits from the film-derived products.
This was definitely the right move, considering that to date, the sale of products deriving from the saga produces 100 million dollars a year in the United States, and the total from 1977 to date comes to 9 billion dollars worldwide.
Not bad!
 This marked a cornerstone in the history of merchandising, albeit not a simple one because at least at the beginning, this type of business didn’t get off to a great start, but in the long run, one could say Lucas, in addition to being a film genius, also had great business sense.
 Currently a host of brands which are also tied to the fashion industry are producing collections referring to the Star Wars Saga, with items featuring a vintage feel and, why not, a little geeky for a totally galactic look!!
For all Star Wars fans… we recommend you stay tuned to AW LAB… some fabulous starry surprises are coming up!!

Star Wars by Vans
Stay Tuned!!

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