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Street Art Green is the trend that has been developing among street artists, to embellish the city and to go beyond, taking advantage in some way of what nature already offers us.
Yes, this new movement is to take advantage of the plants, grass and flowers that often peep through and creep into concrete, between the fences and the cracks in the walls.
It is a perfect union between green concrete and fantasy.
 The result? Well, it is really great.
A new way of thinking about street art is here, a green face and certainly a nice way to improve the conditions of the suburbs, too often left in utter decay.
Among the many artists who have embarked on this new road, you can find some big names from the street scene such as David Zinn and Banksy.
Some stylistic choices create the funniest works where the plants are rethought and transformed into fabulous afro hairstyles.
Zoltron - GreenArt

One can also find images of children or people who interact in some way with the plant life, so there are those who water and those who collect the flowers.
Natalia Rak GreenArt

There are a lot of these three-dimensional structures, often are very original, with a veritable mix of entrepreneurial spirit and a good dose of humour.
The city greenery is finally placed at the centre of attention, a fundamental and essential element to the work itself and much more than mere decoration.
Here are just some
of the most beautiful green street art works until now.
Bansky GreenArt Aakash Nihalani GreenArt Ernest Zacharevic GreenArt Fauxreel GreenArt Oak Oak GreenArt GreenArt Bird

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