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The brand new arrivals proposed by Supremebeing for the spring summer 2015 have finally made it to our store: fantastic T-shirts, both for men and women, are you ready to check them out together?

Let’s start with men’s new arrivals.

Supremebeing Boom Ting T-shirt: made with 180gsm cotton, relaxed fit and rounded neck. White with front print. This T-shirt is part of the Soundsystem Collection, a line of T-shirts featuring music-inspired graphics. Beautiful!
Here it is:

T-shirt Supremebeing Boom Ting

Supremebeing Don’t Badger T-shirt: this men’s T-shirt is made with soft 180gsm cotton for a relaxed fit. Designed by Supremebeing designer Jack Richardson, it is part of the collection featuring two of Jack’s greatest inspirations: geometry and nature.
Here it is:

T-shirt Supremebeing Don't Badger

Supremebeing Hater T-shirt: part of the Daub Collection, made with soft 180 gsm cotton, it has a relaxed fit and a definitely eye-catching graphic on the front.
Here it is:

T-shirt Supremebeing Hater

Let’s move on to women’s proposals.

Supremebeing Orchid Solowolf Top: long sleeveless T-shirt, perfect to be worn also as a mini-dress. It displays distinctive pen strokes depicting a wolf. It is part of ‘The Unleashed’, an ongoing collection of hand drawn portraits by Supremebeing, exploring the unquestionable sovereignty of the animal kingdom.
Here it is:

Top Supremebeing Orchid Solowolf

Supremebeing Sage Pantera Konig T-shirt: also part of ‘The Unleashed’ collection. Here you have a front print depicting a puma on a white background. This oversized T-shirt is made with: 60% cotton, 40% viscose 120 gr.
Here it is:

T-shirt Supremebeing Sage Pantera Konig

Not bad at all these new arrivals by Supremebeing, right?!

All the ingredients for a perfect street style are there, wisely mixed.

Here are all the new and fabulous models offered by Supremebeing for the next spring summer 2015.

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