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Vans Classic Slip On, now a cult sneaker absolutely unrivalled. This shoe has a long history, with a real boom in 1982 when Sean Penn made it a cult object among young people in the film “Ridgemont High”.

Ridgemont High

Its origin dates back to just a few years before, to be precise, 1979, when it began to spread among young American skaters who used it in a short time as the standard shoe of the same street culture from which it came.

As any good object of worship, in recent times it has been rediscovered and brought to the forefront thanks also to a strong brand identity that has made it famous and fashionable far from the world of skateboarding.
A sneaker with a very simple design, with a feature that certainly has contributed significantly to elevate the Olympic status and that having been designed without laces. The shoe is made entirely in fabric with a high quality synthetic outsole with a thickness of a few centimeters.

Certainly, another of its strong points is the padded collar providing protection for the ankle.
The tapered shape with a round toe is a simple choice that never fades. This sneaker is devoid of logos yet recognisable, no doubt about it.
This made it possible over the years to multiply the colour and texture variations, making sure this shoe is always “a la mode”.

Another important step for this shoe is the huge amount of possibilities offered by customisation. Over the years, it has been revised and revisited by many American street rock  celebrities, the most notable being Corey Taylor, the lead singer of Slipknot.

Vans Slip On customized by Corey Taylor Slipknot

In 2008, the company dedicated a model to the Ramones guitarist, Johnny Ramone.

VANS Johnny Ramone

The shoe is simply a legend! Stay Tuned…and see you next week!

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