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Vans began 2014 by creating a truly massive campaign to celebrate the now famous Sidestripe, created almost 40 years ago. The now iconic side band has evolved into the distinguishing heritage of the brand.

Vans was founded by Paul Van Doren in 1966 and in 1977 produced the first sneaker with side bands: the original Old Skool, which made ​​its debut as the “Style 36”. From this moment on, Vans officially entered the Olympus of skaters thanks to a great advertising campaign that involved the most important professionals of the time: Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. In addition to this Vans began to organise numerous contests such as The Vans Hard Rock Triple Crown for Vans professionals and amateur competitions such as The Warped Tour, ensuring a fast lane in the skateboarding world.

The Old Skool, thanks to its simplicity, was immediately taken as a sort of canvas for the expression of creativity, so, in the 80’s the customization and partnerships to create unique items began. This allowed Vans to find a point of contact with other audiences going on to establish itself as a street fashion shoe. The Vans customisation program brought the side stripe to an entire generation of Vans enthusiasts, and from that moment on, the concepts of freedom of expression and creativity became an integral part of the brand.

Today, the Old Skool is the favourite shoe of Action sports enthusiasts but also of the art, music and fashion world, an all-out all-rounder.

The campaign #livingoffthewall aims to bring out the philosophy behind the brand, that is, the freedom of expression and creativity: “off the wall” is a state of mind. The project includes a series of video documentaries created to tell and share the stories of real people who really live “off the wall”. The first documentary is “East Los” by Angela Boatwright, about the spontaneous punk-rock movement on the street corners of East Los Angeles. The next documentary will be those by Patrick O’Del with “Upstarts”, Grace Ladoja with “The U.S. in Russia” and Leong Zhang with “Off The Wall China”.

This is a truly fabulous project, no doubt about it.

The proposals for the 2014 Vans Spring and summer collection aim to pay homage to the classic models of the brand yet with a modern twist that makes them extremely current. This is the case, for example, of the legendary SK8-Hi model back with a platform. The SK8-Hi Platform is a woman’s canvas shoe with a black upper and white side stripe. It is the latest evolution of the classic Vans Sk8-Hi. It is fabulous and very current for a punk look but at the same time extremely fashionable.

You can find them here at the AW LAB online shop.

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As you well know, Vans do much more than sneakers today, so, for spring and summer, there are also some fabulous t-shirts and sweatshirts (link to AW LAB shop women’s clothing section) of a decidedly street style to match slim fit pants.

Vans Sk8-hi platform Vans Sk8-hi platform Vans apparel woman Vans Authentic

Still not convinced? Just look at the pictures… and see what you think of the combination!


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